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Sometimes a number can be as simple as saying what service you offer.

One of our favorite case studies of a vanity number success story is that of Beacon Hospice deciding to use 1-800-HOSPICE™ for their service area in New England. It is a fine example of the immediate effect that a memorable contact number can have on inbound call volumes, especially when that number merges well with other marketing channels.

Take a look at the video below to see how well a memorable number can be integrated into a visual marketing campaign.

Beacon Hospice is the largest provider of hospice services in New England. With over 800 employees, Beacon serves nearly 1500 Patients in 23 community locations. As the company itself explains of its service:

This quality care can be provided in the patient’s home, assisted living communities, nursing homes, and hospitals. With a variety of customized programs such as Deep Harbors for End Stage Dementia and Calm Harbors for End Stage Cardiac Care, Beacon satisfies the needs of patients and families, to insure that comfort is achieved.

Beacon’s goal is to provide the highest quality end-of-life care.

A vanity number provides a clear call to action and helps to tell the customer exactly what your company does, and why they should call you. All in a small set of digits, transformed to a memorable word or phrase.

The number 1-800-HOSPICE™ is a premium vanity number that Beacon Hospice uses exclusively in its target market area. This offers all of the advantages a premium number confers, and at a far more affordable price because of the way our toll free vanity numbers work.