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Mother’s Day Events Hosted Nationwide By Hospices

Mother’s Day Events Hosted Nationwide by Hospices

Mother’s Day is special. It is a day when we take the time to honor the person who gave us life, and the person most responsible for our wellbeing in childhood (and for many of us, adulthood): our mothers. But for some, Mother’s Day brings heartache and grief. Those who have lost their mothers are reminded of their loss. With a keen understanding of this, hospices across the nation will be hosting events today to honor loved ones who have passed. These events are meant to help the living cope with grief, and to give them a means to relieve it. It is important to remember that hospice is about life. Hospices strive to help those who have experiences loss.

Hospice Care of Middletown Will Host 5k Run and Walk

Hospice Care of Middletown in Ohio will host its eighth annual 5k run and walk to honor loved ones. The race has become a staple of the community on Mother’s Day. Last year’s participation exceeded 600 participants in the race, nearly 500 more than the first race in 2009. As part of the event, participants who walk in memory of a loved one may have a special memory sign made that will be placed along the event route. In 2016, over 250 signs were placed along the event’s route. This year, participation is expected to grow even more. Learn more about the event at Hospice Care of Middletown’s event page.

Hospice of the Piedmont Will Host a 5k Run and Remember Fundraiser

Hospice of the Piedmont in Virginia will host its 16th Mother’s Day Run and Remember fundraiser. Fundraiser organizer, Jeanne McCusker, hopes to raise $50,000 this year for hospice programs. Her drive to give back stems from the loss of her own mother 18 years ago to Lou Gehrig’s disease. For her, the fundraiser is a mother’s day gift that helps her cope, even today, with her loss. McCusker is a shining example of the good hospice volunteers can do.

The Center for Hospice Care of Southeastern Connecticut Will Host 22nd “Walk to Remember”

The Center for Hospice Care of Southeastern Connecticut will host their 22nd Walk to Remember event this Mother’s Day. Organizers hope to raise $50,000 at the event to help support programs in hospice that require donations to keep running. The unfortunate reality is that many of the programs in hospice rely on fundraisers to keep many of their essential programs alive. This event hopes to accomplish just that. The Walk to Remember will also hold a raffle and a plant sale to help raise funds.

Join your local Mother’s Day event

These are just a few among many events being held this mother’s day. If you wish to participate in one of these events, check with your local hospice or with your local news outlet. More likely than not, a hospice near you is hosting an event where you can honor loved ones who have passed and give to a good cause. Or, simply attend to show support for those who have lost. Whatever you decide to do today, be sure to honor your mother.